Sunday, October 26, 2014

The alpha wolf (Jayh Jawson in all OntFront)

Model Jayh Jawson
Photography by Daniel Wolters
Styling by Zineb Mazid
Clothing designed by OntFront

Friday, September 12, 2014

The OntFront travel pack

Fewer possessions equal more freedom. OntFront has created a travel pack with core essentials for gentlemen with a passion for style and traveling.

Dutch menswear brand OntFront unveils their new and extra light travel Pack right in time for the fall. The OntFront travel pack contains a durable white crew neck T-shirt, a square collar white dress shirt and a 15 Oz Japanese selvage denim dress pants. The pack also contains a travel map printed cotton bow tie and pocket square to tweak an outfit for any occasion. And last but not least, the travel pack features a collaborative limited edition backpack between OntFront and leather goods designer Flybird. This roll up backpack is handcrafted in Amsterdam. The backpack is made of a green water repellent waxed canvas and authentic brown full grain cow leather.

‘If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light.’

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The creation of fine products is true art


Menswear label OntFront and leather goods designer Flybird believe that the creation of fine products is true art. They've commissioned the artist Femi Dawkins to work on a pair of OntFront boots and a Flybird bag. This video was made during the Dutch trade show Modefabriek on the HTNK story store.
Camera: Franky Boateng

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

OntFront commercial at movie theatre The Movies

We're proud to announce our OntFront commercial to be seen at movie theatre the Movies. Here are some stills:

Directed by Dim Balsem
Styling by Charlotte Bienen
Hair and make up by Cynthia Bakker
Set dresser and backstage photography by Chris Dijksterhuis
featuring Justin Hendrik & Eva Bartels

Saturday, June 14, 2014

New SUPER sunglasses at OntFront (Amsterdam)

The new SUPER collection is in at the OntFront store (Amsterdam). Drop by our store or visit the OntFront website.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

OntFront launches new handmade neckwear collection

Amsterdam’s menswear brand OntFront, is honored to present their new handmade neckwear collection manufactured in Germany. The collection contains slim ties made of traditional Indonesian batik cotton fabrics, which are made using a manual wax-resistant dying technique. The classic Ikat fabrics have also been applied to the threads using a tie-dye technique before woven into the cloth. Linen, bleached denim, digitally printed floral and leopard prints can also be found in the collection. There have also been some bow ties and Dutch chokers added to enrich the OntFront neckwear collection

The gentle mannered men

OntFront believes good clothing opens all doors and neckwear can provide just the right leverage in life. TheOntFront neckwear collection is created for open-minded men who care, men who are fair, and men who are socially aware. If you have a romantic sensibility and you put more into the world than you take out, you’re a gentle mannered man. 

The gentle mannered men transcend social class and are proud to be self made. OntFront is surrounded with gentlemen who are so by nature. They are well mannered, properly dressed and always respectful. They are never afraid to speak up or stand up for what they believe in. They live a passionate life and show real compassion for others. OntFront hopes to inspire more men to become gentle mannered.

OntFront - Open up

Photography: MounirRaji / Words: Mike Verhagen
The league: Clyde Semmoh (stylist), Safi Graauw (video blogger), Riquel Gilliad (artist), Mike Verhagen (creative marketer), Franky Boateng (bag designer), Femi Dawkins (artist), Toychyro (model)