Monday, March 25, 2013

OntFront in Code Magazine pop up store (at Maison de Bonneterie Amsterdam)

OntFront is honored to be a part of the recent pop up store Code Magazine launched in the luxury warehouse Maison de Bonneterie in Amsterdam. It will be open for two weeks. Our current clothing collection and the limited OntFront wing tip boots will be available there. Here are some pictures of the launch taken by photographer Chris Dijksterhuis. Thank you Peter for having us and congrats with the great first NL edition of Code magazine.





Friday, March 15, 2013

DJ Rafique le Freaq for OntFront (mixtape)

Check out this exclusive mixtape by DJ Rafique le Freaq for OntFront.

(Photography by Dim Balsem) 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Interview with Nunc (John Hansen)

We are now stocking a new quality Danish clothing brand called Nunc. See the line we stock here. To find out more about the brand we did an interview with John Hansen, the man behind the brand:

 (John Hansen)

How old are you, where do you come from, where were you raised?
” I´m 32 years old, born and raised in Jutland, but moved to Copenhagen 10 years ago and now living in the Nørrebro- area in central Copenhagen”

Why do you design and what/who influences you?
”I have worked in the fashion business for 14 years now and before I graduated from the design school  I worked 3 years as a buyer for “OZ Men”, a shop in Copenhagen. It was actually my curiosity to find out all the processes before the clothes went on the hangers in the shop, which made me interested in design.
I´m inspired by many different things each day, going around on my bike in Copenhagen gives me new ideas and takes on things that you can´t get even on the internet. Travelling is always a good inspiration, meet new people, see and experience new culture and last but not least, all the creative people who give life to the street fashion everyday with their personal and individual taste”.

What is the concept behind NUNC?
“The general idea behind NUNC is to make clothes that all our friends would love to wear!
Each collection consist of almost all categories of clothes, so you should be able to pack your suitcase only with NUNC and that´s also an ambition for our brand to keep this opportunity for our customers,  we still miss the underwear and shoes, but maybe one day in the future we are ready for that also.

Can you elaborate more on your design aesthetic in a relation to NUNC?
“We live in Scandinavia and clean cuts and lines are always a part of my design, less is more!
To give you an idea of my working and thinking I have made a little stripe with photos of my thinking from idea to product, PLS check the attached file.

What is the target group of NUNC?
“Our target group of NUNC is young men, who mainly live in the bigger cities, going to concerts during the week, have interest like design, culture, music, sport and traveling. It can be difficult to explain our customer, because there are always people, who are not our main target group but still love our designs.
The best story until now, regarding our target group was the moment during the yearly Roskilde Festival, where we found out that one of the best rock/pop artists from Denmark was wearing NUNC on stage. Then we did a high five and thought: “now the collection is having the right expression!”

How did you find OntFront?
“The first time I experienced OntFront was through the social media “Pinterest”, where I found some nice pics and afterwards checked out your website and blog.
Very nice products and the people behind NUNC are proud to be represented in your shop!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Amsterdam shoe co collection is in

The new collection by Amsterdam shoe co just came in at the OntFront store. Amsterdam shoe co is founded by the talented designer Valentijn Merkens (read the interview we previously did with him here). Check out the entire new collection survey here. And here are some of our favorite models:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

MischaRocks at OntFront

We're proud to present you the new cosmetics line MischaRocks by Nadia and Tarheel. This new Dutch brand contains formulas by a chemist from L'Oreal. All products are made in Thailand and bottled right here in The Netherlands. This first collection there are only 100 pieces made per product. Check out the full Black series range for men here. And this peppermint shaving cream is a must for every OntFront gent: