Monday, December 23, 2013

Generic Surplus x OntFront dress shoe launch @ Jimmy Woo

Here's a small recap of the Generic Surplus x OntFront dress shoe launch presentation in the nightclub Jimmy Woo. We thank Please don't tell for this opportunity and Flybird for joining forces. Love! All pictures by Chris Dijksterhuis.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Generic Surplus and OntFront collaborate

Shoemaker Generic Surplus from Los Angeles and menswear brand OntFront from Amsterdam unite to design an exclusive dress shoe handmade in Portugal. The inspiration for this collaboration came from classic tweed hunting blazers, hence the tweed heel and suede toe of the shoe. This unique collaboration will be sold exclusively at the OntFront (web-) store and launches Friday December 20th, just before Xmas.

For this unique collaboration the previous Klein model by Generic Surplus  was reconstructed and slightly altered in shape and new materials. This new model has a round toe, sharp lines on the ankle and a fine leather finishing on all edges. This unique collaboration is limited to only 25 pairs for retail. 
The video features Arubian singer and song writer Pete Philly as model wearing the Generic Surplus x OntFront collaboration, while taking a walk in the Amsterdam neighborhood, the Jordaan.  

Photography and video by Marc Haers

I give you my heart,
please treat it carefully.
I’ll play my part
as we take care of we.

See I’m done with the superficial, artificial, we official, we in sync
My soul… and every fiber of my tissue – let my blood be the ink
For the covenant we signed, what others did refine
and some reasons still are all the same
We will rise, we will rise, no matter what nobody thinks
See we are one

Lyrics by Pete Philly

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Times is rough and tough like leather

Gshock unites with Dutch brands OntFront, Filling Pieces, Ceizer, and URBMATH to create a limited time piece to celebrate the 30th year anniversary of Gshock. 
On November 28 a handmade black all leather Gshock will be released, including a special edition carton shaped like a triangle. The Gshock is wrapped in split leather and crafted in the Netherlands. This couture-like time piece is covered with leather from housing to strap. It features a black face plate with a golden shimmer.

What all participating brands have in common here is their desire to innovate with street culture as starting point. The challenge for this collaboration was to create a high end Gshock that reflects the identities of all participating brands. The inspiration for this unique project is rapper Raekwon's line 'Times is rough and tough like leather' from the song C.R.E.A.M by the legendary Wu Tang Clan.

To strengthen the overall concept of the watch a large multi media installation piece was created, an object shaped like a triangle of three meters high made of all black leather. This art piece will also be shown to the public on November 28 21:00 at the old power plant Craftwerk Berlin (the Gshock event that honors their 30th anniversary).
This collaboration is limited to only 10 watches. If you want to obtain this watch, vote for this concept here so it will be manufactured in a limited run of 200 pieces.  

Concept by: Gshock x OntFront x Filling Pieces x Ceizer x URBMATH
Leather wrapping by: Tine Krijnen and Maarten Krijnen (Miniatuur boekbinden)
Video by: Director/Writer: Hesdy Lonwijk, DoP: Tibor Dingelstad, Production Design: Lisa Scheffer, Production: Lea Fels, Hesdy Lonwijk, Production Assistant: Bo Spindelaar, Editor: Arthur Ivens, Post Production: The Ambassadors, Flame operator: Stijn Waterman,
Colorist: Brian Krijgsman, Sound Design/Music: Maydien, Mitchell L. Yard & Jimmy Rage

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