Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Marnix Postma

(Marnix Postma himself)

Marnix Postma is a photographer and true OntFront family. He has been working with OntFront from the very start. The latest work he did for us was the OntFront x G-shock video. We thought is was about time to shed some more light on him by doing an interview. So here goes:

What do you stand for as a photographer?
I stand for making high end work that helps me grow in my personal quest to reach a deeper understanding of my self.

Can you show us an example of your latest work and explain the concept behind it?
My concepts are a combination of things I encounter in daily life and one or more methods to get ideas from an unconscious place inside of me. This particular concept was first developed for Hate Magazine (Berlin) and started with a tarot laying. Because of the dark nature of this magazine, I moved in this direction and the cards gave me several starting points, like decadence etcetera.
As soon as my girlfriend, Galya Gisca, got involved, who did the illustration, the idea of a guy in women's clothing arose, inspired by Grace Jones and Chris Tucker in his role in 'The Fifth Element. At the time a lot of photographers were simultaneously experimenting with long shutter speeds and movement, so was I.
Later these vague shapes of the doubled images gave Galya the motive to illustrate it the way she did, which turned out to be outstanding. Also the androgynous idea was coming up, so the combination of all these factors made this series very popular. And the series was published in Schön! Magazine #11.

How do you develop your concepts when you create free work?
The previous answer explains how arbitrary it can be sometimes. Usually the works develop during a period of time. But it's always a combination of daily life influences and subtracting ideas from my unconsciousness.

What are the latest personal developments in your life that reflect in your work?
My girlfriend started tattooing recently so this has a lot of influence on my life. I would like to do some projects concerning tattoo culture. Further I found that collaborating with other artists inspires me a lot, so I want to do more collaborations. And I made a move into video, which I find a very interesting medium as well.

What are your favorite techniques in photography and why?
The post-production of my images play a big role in my work. I'm using filters that mimic analog film, which got me interested again in using actual film. Which still is very different from the digital image, even with the adjustment filters.
Further I like to experiment with different forms of light: flash, daylight, tungsten and with colors, movement and different camera's, to get refreshing results.

If you had to compare yourself with an artist, who would it be (and why)?
I don't want to compare myself to another artist, I wouldn't know who to compare myself to, I'm just doing my own thing. I incorporated some of the ways used in the surrealist movement of the 1920's, but the outcome of my work is totally different then of the artists in that time.

What is the ultimate goal you want to achieve with your work?

There is no ultimate goal, I just want to keep doing what I love most and keep growing.

Marnix Postma Photography

Ferdinand Huyckstraat 34
1061HW Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Studio: +31207893185
Mobile: +31655544741
P.O. Box 59194
1040 KD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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  1. Also not to be forgotten (which I shamefully did) the very talented Yannis Kyriazos, for taking care of the styling.
    And his involvement in the development of the concept of the 'Androgyny' project. Sorry Yannis, my bad!