Sunday, August 28, 2011

dandy lion expo (amsterdam)

Beyond sagging pants, exposed boxers, jerseys and white tees, the “hip hop” generation has produced another phenomenon of style: the New Age dandy. Noticeably different from his historical minstrel or Harlem Renaissance queer prototype, the 21st Century Dandy Lion is more masculine than metro-sexual, more of an expression of the African aesthetic and mode of swagger than an imitation of European high-brow society.

A Dandy Lion is a contemporary man of SWAG who oozes creativity and makes well thought-out decisions in expressing his individuality. Aperformance and embodiment of sophistication, dandies are gentlemen of exceptional manners who consciously postulate what it means to be Black,masculine and full of style not simply as performance, but as the embodiment of a lifestyle.

Dandy Lion takes a glance at urban Black Dandies who like their continental African counterparts, Le Sapeur of Brazzaville, Congo embody style, sophistication and a commitment to culture via dramatized masculinity. This exhibition is an examination and approbation of the contemporary dandy in Diasporan settings. 

OAZO-Artist in Residency
Kruitberg 1003A
Amsterdam Zuidoost
(Kraaienest stop - metrolijn 53)   
Sept 5th opening 17:00

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