Saturday, November 27, 2010

Von Eusersdorff, the story and background

With their roots in Europe, New York is the inspiring place for Von Eusersdorff today. The simple yet meticulous character of the packaging reflects the quality of the product within. As the focus of the small brand is a true commitment to authenticity. Based upon knowledge, handed over from one generation to the next generation.

Floral designs ubiquitous from the end of the nineteenth century are rare today as most of the contemporary ‘mass market’ perfume labels bear the name of a couture designer. The design for Von Eusersdorf brings back the flower as the traditional ornament for fragrances.
And goes also back in history as it draws attention on the name of the label founder’s ancestors. A skilled family of German emigrants who use to run an apothecary for nearly three centuries. The artisanal world of oils, herbs, spices and petals being the initial cradle of the perfume industry as we currently know it.

The geometrical flower symbol serves as a short-cut to recognition. It combines the effective transmission of the message and the imaginative presentation of the idea into one bold visual statement. In a process were impact and speed highly depend on aesthetic values.

According to the compendium ‘Dictionary of Visual Language’ by Thompson & Davenport are flowers in general indicative of creativity, as in the colloquial expression ‘flowering of ideas’. Which adds a layered meaning to the symbol and the business it symbolizes.

The graphic design approach for both space and packaging is about making 2 dimensional information function in a 3 dimensional context. Preferably through simple processes. Like the double sided logo on the rectangular glass bottle: that creates a subtle see-through effect when filled with the liquid treasure.


If something looks good on its own it is worth repeating. Packaging is related to an ‘advertising’ function. Next to its more conventional functions: - to contain, to carry and to protect-. its the esthetic value that confers character and personality to the product. And turns it into a speechless salesman.

by Boy Bastiaens

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