Monday, October 25, 2010

ADA design & OntFront

The new OntFront brand store is designed by the Russian retail architect Ariadna (ADA design). She's specialized in laser cut metal. Above is a great example of her work from a previous project. We will be posting pictures of our new brand store very soon. Ariadna, thank you for your great vision!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New OntFront brand store address: Haarlemmerdijk 121 (Amsterdam)

H A A R L E M M E R D I J K 121 is our new official OntFront brand store address! To kick it off we've produced this photoshoot so you can see what we will be selling. Official launch of the store for press will come later. For now, drop by and hang out.

Tariq Doesburg ---> Production/ Assistant Floor Manager
Martha Reyn...hout ---> 2nd Floor Manager
Sicilliani Texel ---> Photography
Mark Eckhardt ---> Ass.Photography/Light
Yannis Kyriazos --> Hairstyling

Thank you Ruben for setting this up!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

OntFront @ Yard (belgium)

Yard is a fresh new store in Belgium (Leuven) that sells independent designers. The store also functions as a gallery for contemporary art. Check out this vivid place when you're in Belgium. It's definitely worth it. Plus they sell OntFront. Whoop whoop.

Hedi Slimane at the corner

Starting from today presents  ‘I LOVE USA’ a chrono-photography video project by groundbreaking designer Hedi Slimane. We at OntFront love Hedi, plus we love the Corner. So...Do check it out, sit back and enjoy..

Sunday, October 3, 2010

OntFront at Amsterdam Historical Museum

The Amsterdam Historical Museum has launched a new exposition called 'Man & Mode'. They invited us to show two silhouettes and added this to their permanent museum collection. What an honor. The official opening was hosted by famous Dutch actor Tygo Gernandt. And guess what he was wearing...

Femi Dawkins photographed sculptures @ House of Rising

Femi Dawkins aka Jimmy Rage is the only multi disciplined artist that we know, who is actually very strong in all the fields he covers. From painting, to making music and creating sculptures in this case. His last exhibition is now on display in the House of Rising. His work has a serious and critical undertone that always makes us think. We have a tremendous respect for him and his work. So do check it out at the House of rising.