Tuesday, June 29, 2010

OntFront on homepage of Not a Brand (webshop)

Our favorite Scandinavian retailer called Not a Brand decided to place OntFront on the homepage. Thank you Not a Brand! We really appreciate it! Here's a print screen of the site. Check out the OntFront blazer sweater on the left side.  We also added one of our favorite products they sell. White sneakers by Shoe the Bear (only 90,-!). Cop them!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Jennifer & Michael's OntFront presentation

A while ago we posted about our two interns from the HES called Jennifer and Michael. They've been working in Shanghai for one month on an OntFront assignment. Their goal was to network and generate PR for our company. So they hooked up with Fashion TV (!), EFU, Metroer, MrModern & 163. They specifically generated PR for us on Mrmodern. Well, they presented their results including an extensive report today at the HES. So once again, Jennifer...Michael...Thanks! Here are some pics:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Modernwearing online showroom

We previously posted about our new agency in Milano called Modern showroom. We are very excited about this as you can imagine. Well, they sure take it to the next level with their online showroom called Modern Wearing. So if you're a buyer, just register at the website to obtain your password and login name. You can browse through all of their designers online! Here's a preview of the online showroom featuring our collection.

Xhosa collection preview!

The passionate menswear designer Giorgio Toppin of Xhosa has released his warrior collection preview. Together with stylist Jean Paul Paula they created a fantastic shoot. We love his style. Here's the preview of it.

And to get a better understanding of his aesthetics here's a video from the Maastricht fashionclash of his previous collection (by allstream media):

Want to know more about this talent? Check out the interview we did with Giorgio a while ago.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nuit blanche

100% pure style, the way we like it...

Von Eusersdorff

We have the new Von Eusersdorff samples in our shop. A great fragrance, with a great story. Drop by our shop to test it and to give your opinion. We'd love to share this exclusive secret from New York.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vanmoof bikes

Because fly girl Jasmijn (Jazz) is now rocking the Marketing and PR of Vanmoof, we became aware of this great Dutch bike. Minimalistic and fresh. Bengbeng. We like it! Check it out:

Dim Balsem @ Pechakucha night Amsterdam

Yesterday Golfstromen invited us as VIP's for the one and only official Amsterdam Pechakucha night. Thank you Jeroen en Joop! So two bottles of champaign and laid back chairs were a warm welcome for sure. Our homeboy Dim Balsem rocked the stage. About 430 peepz showed up at the packed open air edition at Tolhuistuin. Dim introduced his new project with an old school camera called 'amazing amazed people' (he's not sure yet about the name though) and he took his first project picture at the end of his presentation. During his introduction slides of his previous project about Dutch rugby were shown. So here you go:


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OntFront is proud to announce representation by Modern Showroom (Milano)

OntFront is proud to announce its representation by Modern Showroom (Milano). So for all foreign buyers currently interested in the Tonight is the Knight collection. Please contact Modern Showroom for an appointment. Please note, they also have headquarters in Paris.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Thank you Jennifer & Michael

Jennifer Chang and Michael Moussaid are the latest intern team workers of OntFront. They've been working their asses off in Shanghai to promote OntFront. Their entire class went to China for a great project and on location and they worked on Public Relations of OntFront. They met with magazine editors, shop owners, our agents and went to fashion fairs. So hereby we thank them. Jennifer, Michael, you rock!