Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Mumbojumbo of designing

Haha, we just had a conversation with a buddy of ours and he told us he loves what we do, but understands jack shit about it. We figured it was about time we show you the ins and outs of how we work (in short!), so it's easier to follow. Ok, we always start with a collection theme and a moodboard.

After the moodboard our designer Liza Koifman creates the raw sketches, based on a vision and needs of our customers. These are transformed into technical drawings. Here's an example of a technical drawing:

Nice right? Then we source the fabrics for the entire collection and create all of the size specs for the perfect fit and feel:

After this the pattern is made for the garment. Here it gets really technical. That's like a building plan for clothing. Then the first sample is made in available fabrics. These are often altered to optimize the fit:

After a whole lot of rushing and killing deadlines, the garment makes it on to the catwalk. Here's a picture of the Amsterdam international fashionweek, where the presentation is more edgy and presented to generate media attention:

Here's a picture of how it's presented on Shanghai fashionweek: more casual and more focused on sales:

A half year later all of the orders from customers are produced. All garments come in 5 different sizes at OntFront. Then...Finally...The garment hits the stores and warehouses:

While in the stores it's promoted with a campaign:

And this is our favorite moment, the garment hits the streets when you wear it...Whoop whoop!

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