Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shablo's new trailer

Now here's a new trailer by our boy Shablo. We love this man to death, betta recognize the skills.

We launched our first hoodie together with him, check it out:

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Parabellum courier wallet

Kes Antoniesen in OntFront

Now here's our number one blood, Kes Antoniesen, fully dressed in OntFront. You're rocking style bro.

Redecorated OntFront store

We re-did the entire shop. Here's the outcome:

Thursday, May 27, 2010

mastermind JAPAN for adidas

Mastermind JAPAN designed these beautiful pair of high-top sneakers for adidas. Mastermind JAPAN gave the shoe their signature black base with a white midsole and their skull logo motif on the tongue. Expect these to drop at Isetan Shinjuku on June 16. Please don't rock em with bony legs and skinny jeans...

Our new design chair

We just got our new design chair for our shop in Amsterdam. From a German designer. Wicked shape. Check it out.

I love London

The 'I Love...Milano, Paris, Amsterdam, etc' T-shirt have always been favorites of ours. Therefore this new I love London T-shirt is well appreciated by OntFront. Go London!

Monday, May 24, 2010

This weeks special

Every week we will offer a 'special' on our webshop. That means one of our designs is offered for a reduced price for only one week. This week our T-shirt with collection logo will be offered for only 30,- euro (original price = 50,-). Click here to cop it now.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fashion & Architecture

ARCAM, Ontfront (Liza Koifman & Tomas Overtoom) and V2A Architectuur & Stedebouw (Wouter Valkenier) have challenged four duos – each comprising a fashion designer and an architect who have teamed up specially for the occasion - to enter into a design process. The results will be on show at ARCAM this summer. There is to be an article in the August issue of Elle magazine featuring the designs. The opening (entry by invitation only) will take place on Friday 16 July at 17.15 in and around the architecturally stunning  ARCAM building on Oosterdok.

The teams consist of:

o Iris van Herpen & Jan Benthem and Mels Crouwel (Benthem Crouwel Architekten)
o Mattijs van Bergen (MATTIJS) & Anouk Vogel (Anouk Vogel landscape architecture)
o Farida Sedoc (Hosselaer) & Nicole and Marc Maurer (Maurer United)
o Kentroy Yearwood (Intoxica) & Jeroen Bergsma (2012Architecten)

Although there are frequent crossovers between fashion and architecture and other disciplines, the collaboration between fashion designers and architects is still at an early stage. Which is surprising considering they have so much common ground. Both disciplines are concerned with creating volumes in order to protect people, and both involve principles of construction and selecting the most suitable material from an ever-wider range of possibilities. Conceptually, it is interesting that more and more fashion designers are resisting the rapid turnover rate of fashion designs and that architects, by contrast, are increasingly seeking to design ‘fluid’ buildings with maximum flexibility and a high experiential value. Mutually inspired, the designers cut through the dogmas of their own discipline, make a design statement and allow the visitor an insight into the creative process. What does this confrontation produce and is there a ‘click’ or a clash?

Exhibition Fashion & Architecture
17 July until 11 September
ARCAM, Prins Hendrikkade 600, Amsterdam
Open: Tuesdays – Saturday 13.00- 17.00. Admission free
www. arcam .nl T 0031 (0)20 6204878 E arcam@
The manifestation ‘Fashion & Architecture’ is financially supported by Stimuleringsfonds voor
Architectuur, SNS REAAL Fonds, Stadsdeel Centrum, Amsterdam Partners and ELLE.

Gabriel Choi (Hong Kong designer) wears OntFront

You gotta love this guy. He breathes and lives fashion. Gabriel Choi. He designs some of the finest ties in Hong Kong. And guess what, he rocks OntFront. Here are two outfits that suit him well, very well. Looking blazin' Choi! Keep it up!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Maras Streetwear

You know the type of kid that looks like he'll rip your head off, but has that surprising pure heart. Well....Maras is the perfect example. Rugged as hell, but a good guy straight up. He's been developing his brand Maras Streetwear for quite some time now, so it's about time we featured him. We hooked him up on Valtifest (fashion stage) with a show and he blew our minds. Here's a picture of Tomas & Maras discussing the production of the show:

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ruben Solognier

Now here's a nice guy with some swagger that just dropped by our shop for a casual meeting. Ruben Solognier. He's into a whole lot of stuff; like acting, modeling, dancing, but also setting up production company for film and choreography for theater. Well...Enough to check him out. So here are some pictures of Ruben.

Lomography expo by FoamLAB & Streetlab

Now here's an expo in Amsterdam that you might wanna visit. One of our girls will show you some ill photography, Justine Bakker. And Laser 3.14 will be representing. So check it out. You'll like it.

Every week a special

Every week we will offer a 'special' on our webshop. That means one of our designs is offered for a reduced price for only one week. This week our knitted sweater with collection logo will be offered for only 75,- euro (original price = 99,-). Click here to cop it now.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Mumbojumbo of designing

Haha, we just had a conversation with a buddy of ours and he told us he loves what we do, but understands jack shit about it. We figured it was about time we show you the ins and outs of how we work (in short!), so it's easier to follow. Ok, we always start with a collection theme and a moodboard.

After the moodboard our designer Liza Koifman creates the raw sketches, based on a vision and needs of our customers. These are transformed into technical drawings. Here's an example of a technical drawing:

Nice right? Then we source the fabrics for the entire collection and create all of the size specs for the perfect fit and feel:

After this the pattern is made for the garment. Here it gets really technical. That's like a building plan for clothing. Then the first sample is made in available fabrics. These are often altered to optimize the fit:

After a whole lot of rushing and killing deadlines, the garment makes it on to the catwalk. Here's a picture of the Amsterdam international fashionweek, where the presentation is more edgy and presented to generate media attention:

Here's a picture of how it's presented on Shanghai fashionweek: more casual and more focused on sales:

A half year later all of the orders from customers are produced. All garments come in 5 different sizes at OntFront. Then...Finally...The garment hits the stores and warehouses:

While in the stores it's promoted with a campaign:

And this is our favorite moment, the garment hits the streets when you wear it...Whoop whoop!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Here are some cool peeps that were front row at our last catwalk show.

Tag your gear

The website style like u kinda rocks. We just found out about it and we're fiending for new posts already. Here's a clip that inspired us about tagging your gear:

Nicolas from from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The importance of being elegant

Tonight at 20:00 in the Trouw building in Amsterdam the movie runs 'the importance of being elegant'. Thanks to Thomas from the African hiphop foundation. About the Sapeurs, you've probably heard of them already. The Sapeurs adhere to a subculture of high fashion, often against a backdrop of extreme poverty. Many live in shacks bordered by stinking sewers in the southern suburbs of Brazzaville. Those of them who can work double jobs; those who can’t must beg, borrow and occasionally steal; whatever it takes to strut in Versace, Prada and Gucci. Meet the Sapeurs of Congo.We will definitely be on the spot. Only 2,50, so let's support!

Oki-ni's history of Denim

The webshop Oki-ni dropped a great history of Denim online. Have a look:

This is the story of denim, from the very first fabric creation for the Genoese Navy through to the sexy ad campaigns of the 80s and beyond...
  • 1600
  • The first jean fabric is created in Chieri, a town near Turin using the raw materials from the city of Nimes or 'Serge de Nimes' (France). They were then sold through the Italian port of Genoa and then made into all-purpose sailor pants for the Genoese Navy. Legend has it that Columbus used denim for his sails over a hundred years earlier.
  • 1789
  • One of the first printed references the word 'denim' is used in the United states.
  • 1848
  • Gold is found across California and the famous Gold Rush begins. Gold Rush ticket from 1849
  • 1853
  • Loeb Strauss, later known as Levi Strauss, starts wholesale business, supplying clothes to mine workers. Loeb Struass portrait
  • 1864
  • Webster's Dictionary adds the word denim, referring to it as a coarse cotton drilling used for overalls.
  • 1868
  • Durability of pockets on miner’s clothes is compromised; Levi Strauss (LS&Co) and Jacob Davis come up with an idea of using metal rivets to hold the pockets and the jeans together.
  • 1873
  • 20th May to be precise, LS&Co and Jacob Davis receive a patent for an 'improvement in fastening pocket openings' – putting rivets in jeans for strength. The U.S Patent Number was no.139,121 and this date is now considered the official birthday of blue jeans.
  • 1901
  • Fifth pocket on the back is introduced to the standard four pocket version which remains unchanged up until this day.
  • 1902
  • Levi Strauss dies aged 73 leaving the business to his four nephews.
  • 1906
  • The great San Fransico earthquake and virtually all LS&Co’s records, patent papers and inventories are lost.
  • 1920
  • Levi's® jeans become the leading product in men’s work pants in the Western States.
  • 1924
  • Eloesser-Heynemann, the proprietor of 'Can't Bust'Em' brand, is the first to the coin the term 'jeans' or 'frisko jeans' for waist overalls. Can't Bust'Em' branding
  • 1930
  • Hollywood-produced Western films feature cowboys wearing jeans - many Americans follow the look. 'Cimarron' film poster from 1931 staring Glenn Ford
  • 1933
  • American chemist Sanford Cluett invented a technique to 'sanforise' cotton fabrics, including denim, completely and permanently. Despite this, pre-washing jeans didn't become popular until the 60s
  • 1940's
  • War rationing reduced production and inclusion of unnecessary metal hardware in jeans. Metal (heat conducting) crotch rivets are removed after Levi's® CEO Walter Hass suffers an embarrassing campfire burn ...

    Competition begins.

    Companies like Wrangler and Lee compete with Levi's waist overalls upon expiry of their patent.
  • 1950's
  • Levi’s® starts to sell waist overalls nationally. A large emphasis is put on targeting teenagers in advertising campaigns.

    Jeans are less associated with workwear and more with 'new ideas, rebellion and individuality'. American teenagers start calling waist overalls 'jean pants' on a regular basis and wear them everywhere except 'in bed and in church'.
  • 1954
  • Zippers are used for the first time on waist overalls - providing the first alternative to the traditional button fly.
  • 1955
  • James Dean stars in Hollywood film 'Rebel Without A Cause' wearing a uniform of blue jeans, black leather jacket and tight white t-shirt. 'Rebel Without A Cause' film poster with male lead James Dean. The look of a generation – and beyond- is born.
  • 1960s
  • Different styles are introduced to complement 60s fashion and hippy style: embroidery, paint and psychedelic designs become popular. 1960s hippies.
  • 1970 (Autumn)
  • Writer for 'American Fabrics' magazine says: “Denim is one of the world's oldest fabrics, yet it remains eternally young. Indigo blue denim has become a phenomenon without parallel in our times”
  • 1970s
  • Golden age for denim with dungarees, bib and brace, bell bottoms and flares all widely popular. Denim becomes truly ubiquitous. Wide range of jeans, hundreds of alternative shapes and finishes available.

    As world trade softens jeans become more affordable and people in the rest of the world get their hands on them. A blank canvas to be altered, shredded, patched and fringed – denim becomes glamorous.
  • 1971
  • Jeans are officially made respectable - Coty Fashion Critics Award awards Levi's® for the world fashion influence.
  • Blue Jeans as a symbol of rebellion become extinct.
  • 1977
  • The very first pair of 'designer jeans' by Calvin Klein are born.
  • 1980s
  • Europe gets a taste of designer jeans. Denim screams high status, gloss and glamour. Designers began manufacturing jeans with their own labels in and create large scale ‘sexy’ ad campaigns to promote them.Levis ad from 1979
  • 1980
  • Calvin Klein controversially featured a 15 year old Brooke Shields in an ad campaign wearing a pair of his jeans with the strap line: “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins. Calvin Klein ad campaign featuring Brooke Shields
  • 1990s
  • Jeans begin to go out of fashion.

    The youth of the 90s didn’t want to be seen in the same styles as their parents who were still part of the denim revolution of the 80s so turned to more casual fabrics and cuts such as khakis, combats, chinos and branded sportswear pants.

    Denim was still fairly popular but a complete contrast to the clean, classic styles of the 80s with a demand for new washes and finishes, or vintage pairs.

    This lack of demand for what had been the height of their popularity a few years previous meant that jeans sales plummeted and Levi's®, the largest manufacturer, suffered the worst with 11 of their North American factories forced to close down.
  • Late 1990s
  • The biggest change to jeans in the 90s is the silhouette; with hip hop ruling mainstream culture the oversized jean becomes popular among the youth. 'Street' style denim seen here on the streets of Brooklyn.
  • 2001
  • Levi's® manages to buy the oldest known pair of Levi's® jeans on Ebay for $46,532.

    Vintage denim has a huge following and the resurfacing of this jean prompted Levi's® to return to their archive and produce the Levi's® Vintage Clothing collection.


Former crew menber of OntFront Nilez has been rocking a serious new moovmnt. Respect to you my man. Here's a video of how they rock Mark de Clive-Lowe @ MiNiBAR Amsterdam.

Moovmnt at MiNiBAR w/ Mark de Clive-Lowe from joao costa on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Street Etiquette: double breasted blazer

These guys are so off the chain, it's just amazing. They are actually starting a fast emerging style revolution in NY. Big up Street Etiquette. Next level steez.

Item Etiquette : Double Breasted Blazer from Street Etiquette on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Isyou pops up in Amsterdam

When new entrepreneurs in Amsterdam stand up, we fully support. Isyou. A new sneaker brand. Not our stype of sneakers. But hey, the creative view is there. Even though their website is a straight up copy paste of Nalden, it looks quite good. Nicely done. Also the photography. Is that Petrovsky and Ramone? We guess so. It rocks. Today they will launch a one day shop in de hartenstraat 34-36 in Amsterdam. Let's take a look, hopefully they will show some better sneakers than they have on their website.