Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Younik in the Bund18

In Shanghai we met Timothy Parent. He runs the designer boutique Younik in a high end department store called the Bund18. Younik is a platform for Chinese designers like Uma Wang, Jiang Ling, Jenni Ji, Lu Kun, Angela Chen and Jian Qiong Er. Timothy told about the recent loss of the previous owner of Younik. An inspiring and driven fashion minded woman who sadly got killed in a car crash. Timothy is now continuing the boutique in her spirit. Therefore we fully support this lovely and stylish enterprise. Here's a picture of the shop and one of Timothy himself:

Check out the fashion show of Younik's Angela Chen here.


18 Zhongshang Dong Lu
Bund 18
Shanghai, China
Tel: +86 21 63237066

Guide to street fashion

This style is smoking!

Dunhill has a retro-futuristic take on travel this season with its new Aluminum luggage collection. Now that's some smokin' style right?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shave ya lamp

Eindhoven graduate Lotte van Wulfften Palthe of Studio lvwp has designed a collection of furniture assembled from objects she’s collected over the years, including this lamp with a moustache.The funny thing about is that it's freakin' huge. To be honest it's also really ugly, but the humor of it balances it out. Nice design. Respect.

OntFront in Chinese Press (Shanghai Weekly)

OntFront clothing in Hangzou mall

Here are some snaps of how OntFront is merchandised in China in a mall in Hangzou by Handsome Hero.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Where what who designer shop in Shanghai

During our stay in Shanghai we visited the new designer shop from Where what who. They also showed on Shanghai Fashion week. Owner Denise Tang explained us about the brand and showed us around. We love their cutting edge punk freak planet style. So visit them when you go to Shanghai because they rock! Here you go:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fibres - Guerilla boutique in Shanghai

The Guerilla Boutique Fibres in Shanghai featured OntFront clothing during the Shanghai Fashion week. The boutique looked freakin' fresh. It was connected to the Shanghai Fashion week and we loved it. Here are some pictures:

Evisu Genes

We got an e-mail from Evisu about their new line. For the Autumn/Winter ‘10 season Evisu will introduce two distinct men’s denim and sportswear collections under the Evisu and new Evisu Genes labels. The debut of men’s sportswear marks Evisu’s transition into an all-encompassing lifestyle brand revamped with Morrison’s aesthetic. The denim collections provide much of the insight into the new direction of the brand, with an emphasis on quality, craftsmanship and heritage. Big up Margaux, looks damn fresh, keep us posted.

Swedish fashion in Shanghai

When we were in Shanghai we went to the expo 'Swedish Fashion'. The exhibition featured the following designers: Ann-Sofie Back (who also showed at Shanghai Fashion Week April 10), Sandra Backlund, Martin Bergström, Blank, Burfitt, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Helena Hörstedt, Rickard Lindqvist, The Local Firm, Nakkna, Diana Orving, Rodebjer and Göran Sundberg. The expo was amazing and the building rocked hard. Big up to Swedish fashion. Check out the pics we made:

Friday, April 23, 2010

What Shanghai Fashion week is all about

As you might know OntFront just rocked the Fashion week in Shanghai. To give you an idea what the Shanghai Fashion Week is all about, Liza Koifman (the head designer) did a funky photography rapport about the crowd. So here you go: