Sunday, January 24, 2010

Interview with Kristina Voglein (Larapixie)

  • What's your name and place of birth?
            my name is Kristina Voglein and i was born in Zagreb/Croatia.
  • Can you tell me what Larapixie is and what it stands for?
           Larapixie is my first ever forum (nick)name, created by me long long time ago and since then it has became as my name,  in fact many people think my second name is Larapixie. It is really part of me, as the agency is, so it was an easy decision how to name it.
  • How do you select your photographers, stylists, models, designers and hair- & make up artists?
           I love artists with souls, with depth, edge.With everyone it happened very naturally, as if they were always in the agency and i am just updating their portfolios, not putting them for the first time..
  • How did your love for fashion came to be?
             From my grandmothers. My grandmother Tonka was knitwear designer and her sister Ana was also fashion designer and through their souls and designs i was drawn into magic of fashion.
  • Who in the fashion industry inspires you?
            My grandmothers, V.Westwood, Basso&Brooke, A. McQueen, Kate Moss, Omahyra Mota, G.Pugh, R.Owens, S.Meisel and artists in the agency, anonymous designers from the past and present....
  • Who outside of the fashion industry inspires you?
              Societas Rafaello Sanzio, Fever Ray, Joy Division, Peter Greenaway, Shakespeare, Luchino Visconti,Thomas Mann,Ron Athey,Wagner, Robert Wilson....
  • Can you show us a picture out of all your work that represents Larapixie 100% and tell us why?
  This picture by Snjezana Josipovic of Florian came first  to my mind when i read your question.I think because it is simple and soo powerful. Because it tells stories.

  • You travel the globe for shoots, etc, can you tell how this all started?
          As a producer i love to be present on our shoots as mush as possible.Of course that is not always possible because we have aprox 25-30 shoots per month all around the world but i try as much as i can.I love to be present at shoots and watch how everything is created.
  • Can you tell us about the working formula you use?
            I dont think we have some special working formula. It is love for art and respect for each other that connects us and keeps us going.
  • How did you build up your network within the fashion industry?
            Everything happened very natural, i think people who are meant to meet in their lives will meet...
  • What are your goals?
          Goals are: to be possible that each member of the agency has opportunities to express himself/herself fully through the work and that we all together create some wonderful things.
  • What can we expect from Larapixie in the near future?
            Many unexpected things :)

Here's some dazzling work by Larapixie:

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