Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shops Limited x OntFront

Shops Limited decided to do an article about the new OntFront store. Here it is..

Special thnx 2 Ariadna for hooking us up.

Filling pieces new collection

Now here's a cat that dares to take street to the next level. An Amsterdam based sneaker brand that combines fashion & street. Filling Pieces by Guillaume Philibert. Get it at the OntFront store (Haarlemmerdijk 121 / Amsterdam).

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Maaike Holvast @ Mediamatic (flyer in Dutch)

Ont Front Interview by Nick Spain (OWN magazine)

Own magazine dropped an interview about OntFront. And here it is...:

Recently OWN's Nick Spain had the opportunity to interview two of it's partners in crime, Mr. Tomas Overtoom and Liza Koifman of the Dutch label OntFront. The brand recently opened its first store in Amsterdam. We could tell you about it's funk-inspired style...or about the impeccably designed in-house clothing...or about how Amsterdam just shot to our #1 travel destination solely because of the store...but we'll let the interview and pics speak for themselves.

*Ont Front Fall/Winter 2010

Q: So Tomas & Liza, what is your background in the fashion world, and how did OntFront come to fruition?
A: Dutch menswear label OntFront was founded by Liza Koifman (head designer) and Tomas Overtoom (creative producer) in 2007. We are both self taught within the fashion industry. Liza studied Art Direction (Film Academy) and Tomas was creative director of www.offschedule.nl (fashion event).

Q: What is the inspiration behind OntFront?
A: OntFront is a clear mixture of tailoring and our contemporary vision on streetwear. The badboy and the gentleman.

Q: What sets OntFront apart from other clothing stores?
A: The OntFront (multi-) brand store has a unique lay-out. The store is designed together with retail architect ADA design. The inspiration comes from the zazous. A subculture in France during World War II. They were young people expressing their individuality by wearing big or garish clothing and dancing wildly to swing jazz and bebop.
The OntFront store also has a unique collection of brands: OntFront, Spyker, Sopopular, Filling Pieces, United Nude, Vanwell, Fromanteel, CNMN, Von Eusersdorff and Pasotti Ombrelli.

Q: What is the store's ideal client and aesthetic?
A: The ideal OntFront clients are men between 18-40 with a creative profession (artists, designers, art director, musicians, architects, etc.). Our customers are sophisticated, dandy, outspoken, extrovert, worldly and street smart. They have an eye for detail, design and ahead of the trends.


Q:What are some of your favorite labels that are being carried in the store?
A:OntFront, Spyker, Sopopular, Filling Pieces, United Nude, Vanwell, Fromanteel, Von Eusersdorff and Pasotti Ombrelli.

Q: How does the fashion climate of Amsterdam differ from the fashion climates of other major European cities such as Paris or Milan?
A: The Dutch customer is more focused on comfort. They think more practically and usually don't want to spend a lot of money on fashion. Boutiques like OntFront are quite unique in the city. We combine fashion, comfort and a reasonable price to meet our client's needs.


Q: What is your ideal goal for the store within the next 5-10 years?
A: This store is a pilot for many more to come on an international level.

Q: Are there any big events/projects coming up in the future for either of you or OntFront?
A: We have different events on a regular basis. Exhibitions, product launches, fashion shows (Amsterdam-, Hong Kong- Shanghai fashion week), trade shows etc. Check out our blog: http://ontfront.blogspot.com/ to stay updated.

Photo's by Ruben Solognier & Sicerow

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Von Eusersdorff, the story and background

With their roots in Europe, New York is the inspiring place for Von Eusersdorff today. The simple yet meticulous character of the packaging reflects the quality of the product within. As the focus of the small brand is a true commitment to authenticity. Based upon knowledge, handed over from one generation to the next generation.

Floral designs ubiquitous from the end of the nineteenth century are rare today as most of the contemporary ‘mass market’ perfume labels bear the name of a couture designer. The design for Von Eusersdorf brings back the flower as the traditional ornament for fragrances.
And goes also back in history as it draws attention on the name of the label founder’s ancestors. A skilled family of German emigrants who use to run an apothecary for nearly three centuries. The artisanal world of oils, herbs, spices and petals being the initial cradle of the perfume industry as we currently know it.

The geometrical flower symbol serves as a short-cut to recognition. It combines the effective transmission of the message and the imaginative presentation of the idea into one bold visual statement. In a process were impact and speed highly depend on aesthetic values.

According to the compendium ‘Dictionary of Visual Language’ by Thompson & Davenport are flowers in general indicative of creativity, as in the colloquial expression ‘flowering of ideas’. Which adds a layered meaning to the symbol and the business it symbolizes.

The graphic design approach for both space and packaging is about making 2 dimensional information function in a 3 dimensional context. Preferably through simple processes. Like the double sided logo on the rectangular glass bottle: that creates a subtle see-through effect when filled with the liquid treasure.


If something looks good on its own it is worth repeating. Packaging is related to an ‘advertising’ function. Next to its more conventional functions: - to contain, to carry and to protect-. its the esthetic value that confers character and personality to the product. And turns it into a speechless salesman.

by Boy Bastiaens

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Coming soon - White Musk - by Von Eusersdorff

The perfect X-mas gift. White musk by Von Eusersdorff from NYC. Manufactured with love in Grasse. All natural. So sexy.

OntFront brand store
Haarlemmerdijk 121

Monday, November 22, 2010

The way to Precinct 5 by Masta Lee

One of the best retailers in Damsko town (according to OntFront) is definitely Precinct 5. It's situated in an old Police station, hence the name. Even though it's in the center of Amsterdam, it's quite hard to find. To make it easier, Masta Lee directed a short clip to precinct 5. So...Here you GO!

How To Get To Precinct 5 from Precinct 5 on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New hats coming in next week!

To finish off your perfect dandy steelo these hats will be coming in the OntFront store (Haarlemmerdijk 121, Amsterdam). Only limited anounts (2 per style), so be quick:

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bracelet or watch?

Get this LED watch at the OntFront store: Haarlemmerdijk 121 (Amsterdam). Samurai sword metal.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Gucci & Jay-Z “Decoded” Leather Jacket!

Jay-Z's first book, Decoded, promises to reveal hidden meanings of the rapper's songs and will be released next Wednesday. But, pre-book launch, Jay-Z hooked up with Bing to expose every page of the book. He placed more than 300 pages of the tome in the streets of major cities around the world, like billboards in New York, on pool tables in Las Vegas, and in swimming pools in Miami. Talk about a sneak peek! Jay's latest page reveal can be found today in the window of Gucci's Fifth Avenue flagship store. The page is printed on the lining of a one-of-kind leather bomber jacket created by Jay-Z and Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini.

Superfuture on OntFront store

Because Superfuture wrote such an on point article we decided to post is here in the Blog. on courtesy of Andreas.

amsterdam: ontfront store opening

steadily carving a niche for itself, ontfront has developed into an emporium where amsterdam’s urban dandies love to stop by and check out the goodies on offer. the store recently relocated to funky new premises downtown, and it’s been a major upgrade. inspired by the zazou world war II french subculture, ontfront’s shop interior looks as if dipped deep in a savory dark chocolate, spiced up by bold gold-plated clothes racks that are nothing short of a statement. clever lighting makes the retail space look bigger than it actually is.

what’s in store? next to it’s own line of men’s apparel, ontfront stocks a quirky mix of compatible brands and products, including united nude’s futuristic caps, a selection of items from sopopular’s latest collection and sneakers by filling pieces. location: haarlemmerdijk 121 [centrum].

Monday, November 1, 2010


Normally we only post about men's stuff...But today we're making an exception. We're damn proud of our local Amsterdam designers Kim & Patricia for their new Bravoure collection: 'Bête de Scène'. The shoot is as theatrical as their line. so all you guys...Cop a garment for your fly girl on their webshop, because it's very affordable for designer wear! Whoop whoop, here it is...

Monday, October 25, 2010

ADA design & OntFront

The new OntFront brand store is designed by the Russian retail architect Ariadna (ADA design). She's specialized in laser cut metal. Above is a great example of her work from a previous project. We will be posting pictures of our new brand store very soon. Ariadna, thank you for your great vision!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New OntFront brand store address: Haarlemmerdijk 121 (Amsterdam)

H A A R L E M M E R D I J K 121 is our new official OntFront brand store address! To kick it off we've produced this photoshoot so you can see what we will be selling. Official launch of the store for press will come later. For now, drop by and hang out.

Tariq Doesburg ---> Production/ Assistant Floor Manager
Martha Reyn...hout ---> 2nd Floor Manager
Sicilliani Texel ---> Photography
Mark Eckhardt ---> Ass.Photography/Light
Yannis Kyriazos --> Hairstyling

Thank you Ruben for setting this up!