Sunday, November 29, 2009

This is how Pharell rolls

Pharrell Williams brings forth the latest installment of his Perspective series in the shape of The Tank Chair. Slated for a world premiere at the Emmanuel Perriton Gallery during Art Basel Miami Skateboard P’s latest venture in contemporary furniture comes along in four colorways and is made of plexiglas and full grain colt leather.

Alejandro Ingelmo - SS2010 kicks

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Charlotte and her hAI-TEA club

The fashion designer Charlotte Kan will be featured by the hAI-TEA club. Because we've been following her for some time now (we love her 'play and pose' work), we figured this was the right moment to ask her some questions. This is her:

Why will you be featured by the hAI TEA club?

The hAI TEA club was organized bij h.A.I. in Breda. h.A.I. stands for the dutch words “het aardappel imperium” (the potato empire). The name sounds funny but they chose it because they believe art and design is a basic need like the potato. They wanted to feature me and my work in a relaxed setting with bubbles, chocolate, tea, fashion and art. It sounded like a great opportunity to give people insight in how I work.

What type of designs will you be showing/selling?

I will give a presentation about my work and talk about what inspires me, my approach to designing, the story behind some of the designs but it’s not all talk! People will have a chance to view my design sketchbooks, older work and I will showcase my drawings in a little expo created for that evening only.
h.A.I. already sells selection of my collection there will be some new additions from my fall 2009 collection and some unique pieces created specially for h.A.I.

Can you describe the style of Charlotte Kan?

Feminine, detailed minimalism, timeless. It has to be practical and wearable so no red carpet dresses but a pair of trousers, a jacket, a t-shirt, a dress but all with a little twist. I leave space for the wearer to shape a garment to her body, by adding drawstrings, belts or straps to adjust the fit of a garment.

What type of clients do you address?

Down to earth women with who like to dress relaxed and comfortable and feminine.

What is your price range?

Prices start around €20,- for a library bag called ‘Bieb’ and go up to €250,- for a jacket

What are your goals?   
One of my goals is to make my collections more personal. I think about the way I dress a lot and ask myself a lot of questions for example: I am a designer so why do I still wear so many H&M garments. I have actually contemplated of cutting up my favourite H&M garments and using them as the starting point for a new design. Shops like H&M are often accused of copying ideas from the catwalks. So what happens if I turn this process around? These are just some of the many (many) questions I ask myself and I hope to find answers in my coming collections. Besides that I love to make drawings and I want to find a way to translate the way I draw into my designs without just sticking a silkscreen print on a T-shirt.

What can we expect from Charlotte Kan in the future?

More fashion, more drawings. I want to continue to expand my collection and become a small but profitable brand with a global reach.

Save the date: Co-lab book- & Documentary presentation

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pieter, the Ceizer of Typofunk

Pieter Ceizer (Pimpalicious & Typofunk) and I go way back. Those days when flipping decks and chilling in the C&A passage was the bomb. Therefore we decided to do a special on him. Well, this is our man:

What's your name, age, where you from?
I'm Pieter Ceizer, 26 years old, born and raised in Amsterdam

What is Typofunk?
Typofunk is the series of typographical work I've been exhibiting for the last three years, but basically Typofunk is all the empowering typographical work that comes from my hands.

How did Typofunk start?
I came up with this term three year ago, but then I just gave name to what I was doing for years.
My typo developed since I was 11 years old. I came in touch with typo in the graffiti scene, actually I wasn't even a part of the scene then. As a young skateboarder I used to admirer all the graffiti artist  that were making all these bright, colorful and dynamic letter drawing on the old ramps (half pipes) of  Museumplein in Amsterdam. Back then I started to write my name with markers around town and made my own first "Piece".After several years of graffiti writing, I got interested in more than just writing my name and opened up my eyes for the designs of coca cola cans, lucky strike cigarette boxes, fresh packages of chocolate chip cookies and whatever. I basically loved and still love the feel of good design, everything that works refreshing and everything that looks even better than what it tastes like. I am a music freak and all the funk soul and hip hop records I was listening to, helped me put my first lines together to develop graphics with other words than just my name. Nowadays I write mostly all of my own lines, which I use for typographical works.

How do you work? How do you develop graphics?
I play with words, first I write just short texts and phrases. When I think I came up with something useful, I start drawing, drawing and drawing. After a lot of puzzling I fine tune the design and come up with the final design. Most of the times the final design gets scanned, imported in illustrator and then I work it out and pick out the colors.

What's you finest Typofunk work? why?
I try to master my style and skills all the time. After I finished my last design I was like "I think I out-shined myself once again". I see all my work as my children and it's hard to say who's your favorite son or daughter. But if I don't pick a favorite y'all can't post an image, so I'll pick: "Once upon a time called right now". Because of the classic aura of the work, people feel familiar once they see this, but they have never seen anything that actually looks like it, so they have to watch again. And  the message " Once upon a time called right now" works the same way. Life is a great adventure and its past or future might look promising or better than today, but actually everything that matters is happening right now. So look twice and enjoy!

What / who inspires you most?
That's hard to say. In the first place music and then I think all people who do what they really wanna do, don't take no for an answer and never do concessions to their passion.

When did you begin your line, Pimpalicious living?

I think it was 2004. But then It wasn't official with a tax number and stuff, just selling T-shirts to friends and peers.

You sell in Turkey, Paris, Hong Kong & Benelux. Where do you want to go next? why?
What are your biggest goals?
I just got a few stores out of the Benelux and that's really great but I always want a few more. I'm hoping to sell in each city that matters at least in Europe with a year or two. I got a message and a bunch of positive energy that needs to be spread around this globe. I might sparkle some brains, to do great thing for their shelves.

What can we expect from you in the near future?
For my clothing; some new cut and sew styles, shoes and hats and off course some fresh typo tees. For my poster work; some exhibitions outside of Holland, the first is in Paris at Gallery/Store Auguste in March 2010.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The urban gentleman

Iphone case

We previously posted a wooden Iphone case. Pretty sick if you ask us. But if you're more the blackberry type and still want to rock an iphone, here's a leather case from CLS for that ultimate business touch. Rather nice.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Interview with Giorgio Toppin (Xhosa)

Xhosa is a new brand we sell at OntFront x Friends. We previously posted the basic info about his brand. Now here's a full interview with the man himself, Giorgio Toppin. And this is what he looks like:

What's the name of the designer? Date of Birth? Origin?
My name is Giorgio “Xhosa” Sanjeewa Toppin, born on February 18th 1985 in Amsterdam.
My mother is from Surinam and my dad is bi-racial Chinese mixed with Portuguese. I was born in The Netherlands.

How did your love for fashion came to be?
I started out by drawing a whole lot of illustrations, because I wanted to be an animator for cartoons. I kind of failed at that miserably and discovered that all my drawings were really fashion oriented. So when I discovered that my drawings could actually be translated into actual 3D pieces that did it for me. To actually see your drawing come to life is magic to me. Every time I have a fitting, my heart still races when a model tries on my clothing.

What does Xhosa stand for?
Xhosa is my 2nd name given to me by my mother, and it stands for a naughty boy. (Which I was when growing up hahahahahah….. Go figure). I do believe the men who wear my clothes have something naughty inside them and want to portray that to their audience.

What are your unique selling points?
Our unique selling points are; the strong accentuation of the male figure. We want the man to look good, even when he’s trying to differentiate himself from the masses.

What type of customers do you address?
Men who love to be different, aren’t scared of trying something new as well, as men who aren’t as daring but, need some change in their wardrobes. It’s targeted to the man 15 years of age and up.

What would you like to achieve with your designer brand?
We want men to be less constricted in how they perceive clothing and what is acceptable by society. Dressing up should be fun and creative. We want to convey that as a designer brand.

Who/what inspires you?
Pretty much anything in my direct surroundings inspires me, could be family, friends, TV, music the list goes on and on cause it’s always something really random which holds my attention the longest. I really get bored with themes fairly quickly so it has to be something interesting.

What are your biggest goals?
#1 To own my own store(s)
#2 Be a global brand
#3 Have fun while doing so
#4 world domination, but that goes hand in hand with a global brand hahaha.

What are your strongest skills as a designer?
My strongest skill is visualizing what I have in my mind and translating that to clothing.

What is your favorite item that you designed?
My favorite item designed is the braided wool sweater. It has special meaning, because it was the beginning of Xhosa.

What can we expect from you in the near future?
Well I’m working on a new collection right now, so definitely a show.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dutch Invertuals during Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

We just found this video online about Dutch Invertuals, a group of designers, present their latest work during the Dutch Design Week from October 17 to 25 in Eindhoven. The different disciplines of product, graphic, food, spatial, material and fashion design are represented in all their glory in the industrial exhibition space. The exhibit with over ten different works reflects the multifaceted nature of design. Check it out.

Dutch Invertuals during Dutch Design Week Eindhoven from WND on Vimeo.

Hans Ubbink expansion

We briefly met Hans Ubbink in Hong Kong. Nice guy. He's one of the few Dutch designers that actually set up a commercial designer brand that works 100%. His products are sold well and his quality is outstanding. He might not have the same taste as you, but he sure pulled it off. And now that he is expanding to the states we figured it was about time to show this man some respect.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Marnix Postma worked his magic on OntFront duo.

Photographer Marnix Postma is a familiar name in the house of OntFront. He's been doing a great job on the lookbooks for a few seasons now. This time Postma pointed his camera on Tomas Overtoom and Liza Koifman. The couple behind the brand.

Pharrell x Moncler

WWD confirms reports that Pharrell and Moncler will be teaming up ms for on a few amazing items in an all black collection. The line includes a “pacifist” version of the bulletproof jacket, with Velcro-ed side slits, reversible matte/shiny down vests and elongated puffers. Mirroring Williams’ environmental activism, the jackets are fashioned using textiles from Bionic, a three-year-old company he controls. Bionic spins yarns and fabrics from recycled plastic bottles. The noteworthy printed linings meld art and nature with evocative images of lush forests, shot at dusk by Japanese artist Keita Sugiura. Prices and distribution details are still being finalized. (WWD)

Jehoofdlooptom x friends

Our friends at jehoofdloopt om are organizing an exposition today. Gallery Friend of Bavink. Geldersekade 58. Starting at 16:00. See you there. 

Friday, November 20, 2009

Odin fragrance

Odin’s latest project has the duo collaborating on a special line of unisex fragrances with Larry Paul and Kelly Kovack of Purpose-Built. The line, developed over the course of a year with German perfumer Drom, will feature three distinct scents available exclusively through Studio Beautymix at Fred Segal within the Los Angeles area and in limited quantities through other select locations.
Source: The Fashionisto

Thank you national gallery for inviting us!

The people from National Gallery, Dazed & Wallpaper all first came to Amsterdam. Our shop was previously located in a brothel. So therefore we hooked them up in our shop. After the canal boat trip we organized, they ended in club Bitterzoet en even Club NL (hahaha, nice). Now this is the outcome of their inspiring trip. Kienholz: the hoerengracht.

Liquor, woman&tears x New Era Pillbox Cap

We never thought New Era caps would ever appeal to our taste. But hey...They blessed us. Even though it's womens wear, we advice you to rock it as a true gentleman. Here you go:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sam Haskins vs Tommy Hillfiger

C'est la Vie - a great blog

Here's one of our favorite blogs:

Team Patta

Trussardi goes edgy?

Milanese-based Trussardi 1911 combines luxury together with edgy design in this limited-edition collection for the 2009 fall/winter season. The leather-based designs include wallets, a high-top sneaker and a belt. Throughout each piece is a series of silver grommets which contrast against the black leather. Thanks 2 Detobo.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

BEAMS x Wired Watch Collection

We love Beams. Together BEAMS and Wired’s watch collaborations have extended all the way back to 1997. This year, the two partner on a new series of watches with three separate colors of a similar style. The watches include asymmetrical solar panels in the watch’s face with a clean bracelet execution in black/yellow, gold/gold and silver/silver. The watch’s main design goal was to tastefully incorporate the solar panels without it becoming the most noticeable aspect of the watch. Available starting December 4th at BEAMS stores.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

China Fashion Week

Most people ask me how the hell we sell in China. They can't imagine that China relates to fashion. Thanks 2 Fashionalbedo we got some images from China Fashion Week (Bejing). Amazing work. Sit back...

The love for bikes 'n tricks

Escape From Tomorrow (A Day In the Life With Nigel Sylvester) from 13thWitness™ on Vimeo.

Black scale store

Here’s an exclusive look at the interior of the newly opened Black Scale flagship store, out in San Francisco. Currently with a unfussy and modest approach, the store is spacious – which allows not only for easy navigation, but also enables you to get a good look at the goods! For a simple shopping experience, the latest Black Scale store, is now open.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ibn Jasper x Quintin x Herman Jimenez

"A sneak peak of what's to come from a recent photo shoot I did for the release of the "Ibn Jasper" Quintin hat. That will feature a short film from Nigel Alexander, produced by Yolo/Persona Productions, and co-directed by me. Keep posted for the drop of the video and photos. Also, keep in mind the exclusive hats match the Louis Vuitton Jaspers, so you know they are dope."

MAKR for Blackbird Handmade Leather Wallet

We love to put our money where our mouth is. So eat this wallet. made by MAKR.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bouke Altema

Here is one of the customers of OntFront x Friends. Bouke Altema. An artist that works with sand. His style is off the chain. The first picture is the man himself. And his work speaks louder than words. Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Street Etiquette

Now this blog we highly respect. Check out their words on it.


Fashionable sausage wrappers?

Hahaha, check these Russian sausage wrappers. They're killin' us. Dymov Ultra.

Put this on...Denim

Put This On, Episode 1: Denim from Put This On on Vimeo.

Beyond green

We witnessed the previous edition of Beyond green and many other sustainability meetings (that's how OntFront became sustainable: Testex & Wrap). So we decided to skip this last edition on november 9th. Isrid from Isworks created a great summary for you to read in Dutch. Here are the most interesting quotes she wrote down:

*It’s not about style, it’s about content * Sustainability is the possibility that we might flourish * Change can happen in small places * Clothes are just a flexible house * Become an architect, NOT a fashion designer! * Embrace new technology * Designers need both fast and slow knowledge * There can not be beauty as long as there’s poverty * Beauty is more persuasive to inspire change than shouting at the top of your lungs.

Marnix Postma selected for Sony Alpha Masterclasses

This year, for the 3rd time, PANL has launched the Sony Alpha Masterclasses for young professional photographers to increase their knowledge. In these masterclasses the professionals will make use of Sony Alpha 900 digital reflexcamera's. The produced works will be shown alongside the winning photographs in the anual Sony PANL Awards #19 Expo, this april in Amsterdam. This year the theme of the masterclasses is 'Soccer' because Sony is sponsoring the World Championship of 2010 in South Africa.  
Marnix Postma is very pleased to announce he was chosen for the masterclass by Tom van Heel & Edel Verzijl. And he is looking forward to show his results. He got in with this piece of Postma:

Shamiro van der Geld

Now here's an Amsterdam styler that deserves his own topic on our blog. Shamiro. Big up. He's the fourth dancer in this clip. Amazing moves. New generation taking over.

LG watch phone

We're kinda in love with this gadget. So 2010. So OntFront. Haha, kit....Do you read me?

OntFront x AT5

PF Flyers kicks

Updated for Holiday 2009, the PF Flyers Astor fuses fashion-forward thinking with classic sport lifestyle shoes, elevating the combined perspective of fashion and sport...Combine it with your Dior Homme outfit and damn...You look fresh.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

OntFront x Xhosa

Starting from today the wonderful and talented menswear label Xhosa is on board in our OntFront x Friends store. So cop your buzzing garments, because it's all one-of-a-kind and handmade. Check the latest show of Xhosa (Giorgio Toppin) here.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Spyker C12 Zagato

Adidas off the wall

Haha, that's nice. Great advertising.

Water ballet

This inspiring sunny Sunday makes us feel like...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Suga Cane

This guy rocks hard. There are not a lot of emcees from Amsterdam that we're down with. But this guy holds his ground. He's next level. A freestyle master and pimp to the fullest. Listen it, fear him and thank us for the link of his freshly dropped mix tape.