Monday, August 31, 2009

dorith mous in japan

We recently posted about how hard Dorith Mous from Ulla Models was rocking Japan. Well...Here are the first results:

patta x converse

Converse x Patta x Le Le Part 2: Parra from Masta Lee on Vimeo.

Converse x Patta x Le Le Part 1: Gee from Masta Lee on Vimeo.

Converse x Patta x Le Le Part 3: Le Le from Masta Lee on Vimeo.

Big up to Gee, Pieter and Edzon.

NYC on a shooping spree

We saw this on an international blog and figured this should be set up in Amsterdam. Maybe even on the same date...? hahaha, on a killer shopping spree!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lookbook spring-summer 2010 they are. The new OntFront lookbook pictures for the spring-summer 2010 collection.

Photography by: Marnix Postma
Models: Erasmus and Keshia (Ulla Models)
OntFront s/s 2010

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Bent it like Quinten

We received many compliments about our latest show models. Most of the attention went to the very handsome Quinten Bent from Tony Jones Model Management. Of course we were not surprised. Quinten has been rocking several international runways this season and we were very proud to have him.

Quinten Bent for Versace

Quinten for OntFront

Radikale Maskerade (art baby)

Get your groove on, get your fix on, get your affordable art tonight in the Chiellerie in Amsterdam, from 18:00 till 22:00. The Chiellerie is the gallery of our former night mayer Chiel van Zelst. Cool dude. Tonight Eva Bartels, Lisa Love Smidt, Dim Balsem, Roxanne Dekker and Alljan Moehamad will be putting up the a 'radical masquerade' in this place. So come and join us. 

Rutger @ Ulla models

Only a few male models make it to the top. Here's a Dutch guy from Ulla models called Rutger who's getting hot within the scene. Just did Dazed and Confused, Wallpaper, Citizen K and he's definately hungy for more. If the skinny androgynous trend for male models lasts, he will be huge within next year. Mark these words.

Here are some snaps of Rutger:

Who's Leonie Kuipers?

Leonie Kuipers is working as a freelance modern dance teacher and choreographer. Recently she is busy with her new project: The Mirror of Broken Time.  In this installation which she made in collaboration with techartist Matthias Oostrik and actress Laura de Boer, live images are reflected in a kaleidoscopic collage of body parts and movements.  On the 18th of September a short piece of this project will be performed at Palais Paradiso

Independent Shopping

We love taking pictures of nice people. Especially when they purchase OntFront clothes at the Independent Fashion store. And even more especially when the look good in them.

Marnix got the trench trousers and Mounir is wearing the Baseball Blazer

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Puma Suede Classics launch

To celebrate the launch of the new Puma Suede Classics, Parisian artist Eddek has been commissioned to throw up a host of mural pieces throughout Amsterdam and Antwerp. Using the AKINDAGANG crew as inspiration, the twelve well-known, talented artists from Puma's Dutch-Belgian creative network are transformed into life-size canvases with each member rocking a pair of Puma Suede Classics. An up-to-date map showing the street gallery's changing location can be found here. Today all paintings were assembled in one place, and Puma opened its temporary gallery with a kick-off party in the former X-rated movie theater Blue Boy/Why Not (Nieuwezijdse Voorburgwal 28/30) in the heart of Amsterdam.

The temporary gallery will also house a shop selling the new Puma Suede Classics line. Additionally, several smaller events have been planned, highlighting the connection with the Puma brand and the inspiring New York art world of the 1970s and 1980s. The gallery and Puma Suede Classic shop will remain open through to September 3rd.

Portrait of Lee Stuart wearing the Puma Suede classics.

Lee showing off his new kicks

Red suede classics

Nick from Leyp by Eddek.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

OntFront photoshoot team

After a long day of shooting the next lookbook editorial style photo's, this is the OntFront team flexing and relaxing. Location was castle 'De Haar'. Big up to Marnix Postma & Ulla models. Nice for a knight theme of the SS2010 collection. Results soon, but check out the castle here:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Avant la lettre

Titus has the coolest surname ever for a certified 24-7 party animal. Zeldenrust (never rest). Besides that this guy rocks extremely hard on the drums. His ultra fashionable band is called Avant la lettre. We' re quite hooked on their track No procedure that fits. Here's Titus on the drums:

Is art just a pile of shit?

When we heard that American artist Paul McCarthy put a gigantic pile of dog shit somewhere in Utrecht we decided that it was worth taking a look. We went and we witnessed... A pile of shit it was. I tried to make an intelligent face just to make sure that other visitors wouldn't notice that I didn't understand shit about art.
More info: Airpressure

Je hoofd loopt om

Friends of ours set up an interesting website called 'je hoofd loopt om'. We've selected three images to show you what they do.

(Photography by Maarten Kal
 (Photography by Meier Boersma)
(Photography by Maarten Kal)

Couture on canvas?

(Photography by Dim Balsem)
Here's an impressive piece of art by Russian painter Tatjana Korchagina. It looks smashing in our pop up store, so we'd rather not sell it. ;-) Check out her myspace here for more info.

Major Lazer - Pon De Floor

Directed by Eric Wareheim:

Major Lazer "Pon De Floor" from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.

Major Lazer consists out of DJ's Switch & Diplo

Witness them live on Valtifest on the 5th of September (also check the fashion stage called Chill up). Digital Reggae...And get your daggering on!

Monday, August 24, 2009


MRKMLN group (Mirik Milan Gelders & Thamar Luthart) just launched their new website and it's next level. Here's some previous work that definitely deserves some extra attention:

MRKMLN group did the art direction. Client was: Little Thing magazine (China). photography by Janneke van der Hagen @ Eric Elenbaas, Model: Swanny @ Anka Models, styling Sophia Bentoh, hair Tommy Hagen, make up Yvonne Nusdorfer @ Angelique Hoorn.

Models with brains

We're so proud of our dearest friend Dorith Mous. This lovely lady is working her tiny ass off as a model at Ulla Models and she's doing it well.

But a pretty face is not the only gift Dorith was born with. She's also a fantastic singer and a great photographer. Check out the pictures she takes during her travels around the globe. You can see more of these on her blog.

Makers of time machines

Here are some friends of ours rocking a new Amsterdam based brand called Fromanteel. Makers of time machines!
They did an editorial style photoshoot for their look book. And here's the behind the scene's and the outcome: